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UltraUK Group is a group of brands owned under the James A&S Partnership. We mainly operate in the UK, EU & US. Established in January 2010. We are a family run partnership business registered in the UK from Lancashire. We prefer to maintain our family run status rather than incorporating our business under a limited company as we feel that a more personal and friendly approach is more beneficial to our clientele.

We began back in 2010 with a personal interest in nature and all that nature has to offer us. We began to develop natural topicals and artisan herbal remedies, From there we had seen a potential for the e-cigarette market and again into the CBD market shortly after. With part of the family being involved in the horticultural market, we have a vast knowledge and interest in growing our own materials to use in our products. We look to license part of our premises to cultivate hemp with hope to use within the CBD market.

We operate from our family run farm that is fully furbished and renovated to suit our business streams, with our own in house laboratory we started to offer manufacturing services to other like wise business. We manufacture goods and supply both retail and wholesalers with premium high quality merchandise associated with cosmetics, eliquid vape, CBD Cannabidiol products and artisan herbal remedies. We aim to keep any products we manufacture as natural as possible, searing away from artificial or synthetics materials.

We have recently started to offer web and legal service such as trademark, intellectual property rights, web development, graphic/brand design and web hosting services due to our growing in house web and legal departments.

We pride ourselves by sourcing all our materials via fair trading and verified suppliers with traceability in mind to ensure only the best quality materials are used during manufacturing. Our approach on business is friendly, personal and approachable.

All of our brands with Online credit or debit card payments available will produce UltraUK Group or James A&S on your bank or card statements.

UltraUK Laboratories

The UltraUK Laboratories are only available for private use, such as exclusive use of UltraUK Group, not available commercially or to the public. It is used only to manufacture and test products in house manufactured by the UltraUK Group only.

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UltraVape Electronic Cigarettes was once a leader in retail ecig and eliquid supplies, primarily concentrating on wholesale and manufacturing we do still offer limited supply to the retail consumer market.

UltraVape – UK 2 Marks UK00003012776. UK00002643256.

USA 1 Mark Serial 85937725 | Registration 4577143

Visit Us at UltraVape.com


Experienced is one of our latests retail and manufacturing brands, we developed this brand after our medical and drug research showed us great results to validate some claims the CBD market advertised towards, since then the laws have changed, however, we still produce CBD as a food supplement for retail, we also offer private label, white label and bespoke manufacturing services for retail ready CBD products.

As a member of the Cannabis Trades Association you can rest assure our products are legal and compliant.

Experienced - UK 2 Marks UK00003290844

Visit Us at CBDexperia.com


CanaSpray is a brand dedicated to highly effective CBD methods, Mainly the CBD Nasal Spray. CBD Nasal Spray was originally part of Experienced, however since joining and registering our CBD products with the Cannabis Trade Association we had to isolate the nasal spray as it was to much medical related for the CTA guide lines.

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Artisan Remedies

Artisan Remedies is a brand aimed at providing genuine Holistic & Herbal Remedies. With our specialist and trained herbalist on board we source, grow and produce fresh high quality herbal remedies suited for all occasions.

Visit Us at ArtisanRemedies.com

AllTheRange Internet & Legal Services

AllTheRange Internet & Legal Services offers web development, application programming, payment processing, web hosting and intellectual property legal services including trademark infringements and trademark registration services.

Visit Us at AllTheRange.co.uk

Medical and Drug Research Lab

A Laboratory that is within our main laboratory at UltraUK Laboratories that was specifically designed for the research of drugs and medications. We research effectiveness and side effects. We also design and manufacture alternative and optermised administration methods for drugs, test the effectiveness of new drugs and products laboratory potency reports for related products.

Visit Us at MDRlab.org

CBD Organics UK Manufacturing

CBD Organics UK Manufacturing offers a bespoke personalised manufacturing services to any form of CBD based product, from human cosmetics, bathing products, pet products etc.

Visit Us at CBDOrganicsuk.com